Artist Statement

Art is life.

US Military tried to exploit my Art career and my identity to engineer terrorism. This had a negative impact on my life and posed a grave danger to the people of Zimbabwe.  Not only was US Military violating my human rights, it was a clear violation of international law. US Milirary intentions were to visolate the security of a country with the intention to loot Zimbabwe  Strategic Minerals for use in their weapons development.

Its cheaper to invade or destabilise  countries that US Military aquire minerals from. A war is cheaper way of accessing resources than buying from an open market.  1. It allows them to achieve great profits and 2. The less the empowered or wealthy a country from which resources can the sought, the easier for it to be exploited.

If Jo Spencer was alive, would she sue for crimes that were perput rated against her. She died of cancer and shows clear evidence of being experimented on. This is a history of criminal behaviour, I thought was very outdated and out of touch with human rights.

This crime has no art point of view, it’s a straight cut criminal cases.  And I will pursue legal justice for myself as well as expressing the damaging extend of the intentions – putting the national security of Zimbabwe at risk.  An example is Libya. On the surface, Terrorism was used to attack Libya however though an insight into Hillary Clinton emails, we see it was an orchestrated event to exploit the country of its resources mainly oil. Hillary Clinton then as Secretary of State offered British and French Ministers,  oil contracts for their oil refining   companies i.e BP

In 2013 I was attacked by US Military, they told me they were illuminati and because I had done photography I would be initiated into the group. I had to follow instructions top down. I was threatened, abused,  tortured and forced into isolation. I was indoctrinated in terrorism and was told my job was to secure Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. I was told I had to follow instructions and a clear attempt to indoctrinate me in various terrorism senerios –

Think about how to sell large amount of minerals on the blackmarket for US Military use. This was after indoctrinating in populism and telling me to challenge the government and to ship large amount of minerals out of the country or if that was to much to much US Military would create an excuse to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals and terrorism was a foothold for US Military to get in using threat to terrorism to US National Security as a excuse.

It was a clear visolation of my human rights and the international law. I informed the Zimbabwean government of an intention by US Military to invade our country for Strategic Minerals.

I had no bases or interest to comply with any instructions to perform any act that I felt compromised my intrigatey as a person both morally and lawfully.

Was the name illuminati suppose to interest or mean anything significant to me. From the beginning I was not impressed by the way I was attacked and instead of my situation getting better, it got worse, which meant I never took the the whole thing. I was not prepared to live, a like a slave, criminal or ambiguous life to serve the needs of a criminal organisation – US Military organised crime.

I had never envisiged myself doing art that was destructive to myself or other people as a result I became despondent and began investigating the real identity of the perpetrators. As it turned out, I did not need to dig deeper as the programming required me to report.  And I was to report to the US Military.

As well as being a vehicle of expression and information;  Photography can be used as a form of therapy to work out issues and emotions arising from Trauma experienced during my ordel at the hands of US military . Allowing me to express and talk about my feelings post trauma. Aim is to work on a project that will express my feelings and thoughts on the subject of human subjects on unorthodox and unethical experiments.



You left me. Can I ever forgive you?

First I would like to thank those who stayed with me through my ordeal and the networks I have acquired who share or are empathetic to the situation. It has not been an easy ordeal. Thank you.