My flat is a torture Chamber 17/09/2018 #793 Days

My flat is a torture chamber for US Military experiments with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. I am being stalked and harrassment in my home for non consensual US Military mind control experiments. US Military keep forcing me into their HAARP/Chemtrails Developments by locking on my brain waves to force mind control. Every room in my flat has a different frequency counteracting/interacting with baseline HAARP Frequencies

I want the HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency terrorism grooming done to me disclosed in full by US Military #795 Days

MyEmoji_180904_173432_12.gifUS Military are going to tell the world what they did to me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies, groomed me in terrorism so they could use ‘war on terror ‘ lies to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic minerals. Their invasion of Zimbabwe would put lives of 15 million Zimbabweans at risk. I want the world to know the danger US Military poses on innocent people and the secondary risk their actions pose on masses of people like in terrorism they are engineering.