Cysts developed around my ankles around the same time my whole body became inflamed as a result of US Military assault and abuse. Soon after I developed problems with my mobility and fine motor skills. I had difficulty bending to pick things up as well as putting my bra, pants and shoes.

My energy levels were being subotaged to increase my weightgain to slow me down. I knew US Military were trying to maintain total control of me by slowing me down hoping I could get pregnant so they could isolated me and abuse me with a child.

I am now highlighting this issue of US Military pedophiles targeting woman to abuse children.

Call for submissions on Psychological Torture and Ill-Treatment
Deadline for Submissions: 25 November 2019

Indeed, States have invested significant resources – including through systematic experimentation with political prisoners, suspected terrorists, and psychiatric patients – towards developing “no-touch” torture/CIDTP by which purposes of coercion, intimidation, punishment and humiliation or discrimination can be achieved without the direct infliction of physical pain, suffering, or harm.


A joint 40th birthday with my cousin Margs. A weekend in Middlesbough.   A family affair, my younger cousins were there too to help us celebrate.

img-20190928-wa0045536385431729465097.jpgimg-20190928-wa00506867224571094667476.jpg20190928_2203254610630929933172039.jpg20190928_215413902049525519261121.jpgimg-20190927-wa00104038776618431781223.jpgimg_20190927_211733_5253179899974872577513.jpgimg-20190928-wa00178234922930995376352.jpgimg_20190928_203432_8498478227607306230513.jpgimg-20190928-wa00523713036696878230459.jpgI turned 40 this month on the 25 of September. I lost my 30s to US Military  HAARP Ionizing  Electromagnetic Radiation Frequency abuse and torture. I was attacked in 2013 and was subjected to isolation, abuse, torture, starvation, forced prostitution to a Muslim man for a child, US Military wanted to frame me for links to Islamic terrorism and Terrorism grooming. They attacked me and trying to control my life by abusing me. So
I am increasing my exposure for this crime as I want these evil scam caught and prosecuted





Winnie Mangwende Photographer & aspiring Fashion Designer 








My Photography Career experienced an involuntary break which began with the disruption of my MA in Photography in 2013. The interference was deliberate and disruptive to both my life and career development.


Sept 2016 –  Current – : Fashion Design and Dressmaking with Regent Academy
Sept 2013 – Sept 2014 : MA in Photography at DeMontfort University
Sept 2011 – June 2013 : Photography and Video BA (HONS) at De Montfort University
Sept 2009 – June 2011 : HNC (High National Certificate in Photography) at Sandwell College


Art in empty spaces, 2010, West Bromwich, Sandwell. UK
Show me a Secret (Martin Parr Project), 2010, The Public. West Bromwich, Sandwell. UK
Show me a Secret (Martin Parr Project), 2011, The Light House , Wolverhampton. UK
Still life Exhibition, 2011 The Custard Factory, Birmingham. UK


Collaboration with University College Birmingham, Food photography [3rd prize]
In a book ‘Making Photographs’ by Mike Simmons pg. 80-81
Professional Memberships
The Royal Photography Society since 2011
Photography Portfolio

Also see :Wearable Protest