I want US Military to

I want US Military to leave me alone. They continue to force themselves in my healing process causing interference and disruptions that it no longer stays as a heal process instead it’s an extension of the ongoing abuse, torture with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. They treat me as dump, naive & incapable so they can justify their Abuse. I dont want US Military in my life for several reasons

  1. They groomed me in terrorism as well as trying to engage in negative & criminal behaviour. I dont trust them and I don’t I feel safe.
  2. They treate me like an object they dictate to. A slave who cant have own opinion or choice
  3. My poor health is a result of Abuse by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies under Chemtrails/HAARP Developments
  4. I want Justice for being attacked, isolated, abused, tortured and groomed in terrorism by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies, v2k etc technology

US Military were forcing me to take a high dose of prescription medication so I would be drugged for them to abuse & torture me : Day 538

Yesterday US Military were trying to get me to take a high dose – 80 to 100 mg of my prescribed medication Amphitryline so they could abuse & torture me while I am isolated & alone in my flat – 64 Wallace House, Badsey road, Oldbury, B691ER, UK ,were they groomed me in Terrorism and continue to force communication & control over my life by subjecting me to torture and abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency under Chemtrail/HAARP devts. I am only allowed 30 mg of Amphitryline for neuropathic pain I experience from US Military abusing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.

US Military are holding my Career & life hostage with their terrorist agendas #572 Days

I am enraged by US Military attempts to interfere in my plans to expose them for grooming me in Terrorism. I need the world to know how evil and destructive they have been, holding my career & life hostage, blackmailing me to participate in Terrorism which will destabilise my country.

I did Photography and had my career map out, when US Military attacked me & wanted me to go into Zimbabwe Wilderness, pretend to be doing Photography while meet with militia to passing weapons and information to overthrow Zimbabwe govt and destabilise the country.

Gaslighting – 11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting [#626 days until 1000 of seeking Justice)

US Military use Gaslighting tactics of mind control victims. The victims are constantly being subjected to psychological manipulation in a one way communication systems which is one way and it’s used to give victims instructions by force, torture, abuse, harrassment thought V2K ( voice to skull)