Yesterday US Military were trying to get me to take a high dose – 80 to 100 mg of my prescribed medication Amphitryline so they could abuse & torture me while I am isolated & alone in my flat – 64 Wallace House, Badsey road, Oldbury, B691ER, UK ,were they groomed me in Terrorism and continue to force communication & control over my life by subjecting me to torture and abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency under Chemtrail/HAARP devts. I am only allowed 30 mg of Amphitryline for neuropathic pain I experience from US Military abusing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.

I am enraged by US Military attempts to interfere in my plans to expose them for grooming me in Terrorism. I need the world to know how evil and destructive they have been, holding my career & life hostage, blackmailing me to participate in Terrorism which will destabilise my country.

I did Photography and had my career map out, when US Military attacked me & wanted me to go into Zimbabwe Wilderness, pretend to be doing Photography while meet with militia to passing weapons and information to overthrow Zimbabwe govt and destabilise the country.

US Military use Gaslighting tactics of mind control victims. The victims are constantly being subjected to psychological manipulation in a one way communication systems which is one way and it’s used to give victims instructions by force, torture, abuse, harrassment thought V2K ( voice to skull)