I am a victim of US Military abuse with rf frequencies, grooming me in Terrorism and forcing me to do suicidebombing in public places

Stolen Identity

Identity theft is when someone steals your personal information or possessions so they can use your identity. Identity fraud is when they use your identity for their own financial gain – usually at a great cost to you. US Military are abusing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies trying to exploit my identity for their benefit. […]


Wearable Protest

Wearable Protest: Fashion’s Role in Activism Design Museum Monday, 20th Nov 2017 I attended the symposium where the panel argued that T.Shirt activism reach a new high with the US election in 2016. Maybe so but will never truly know, because Digital media has its own way of magnifying things. you might think you have […]


Project proposal : Protest Wear Development

Objective : To design a T.shirt based on exposing US Military crimes with HAARP Ionizing Electromagnetic frequencies causing disabilities and killing people in their prime. The use of technology to enslave people, through torture and abuse. corrupting peoples thoughts by introducing dangers thoughts like grooming people in terrorism and encouraging them to do terrorist acts […]


Reclaiming my Life : I recently bought 2 hibiscus plants & one of the plant is flowering- Day 454 until a complete 1000 days of Exposing US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Crimes & Demanding Justice

At a tender age of 4/5 years my family uprooted from Chitungwiza to live in a suburb in Harare. As we were driving along the road we were going to be living, I noticed these trees in bloom. They were hibiscus trees in various colours. As well as the hedges were Hibiscus. The moment stack […]


I want US Military to

I want US Military to leave me alone. They continue to force themselves in my healing process causing interference and disruptions that it no longer stays as a heal process instead it’s an extension of the ongoing abuse, torture with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. They treat me as dump, naive & incapable so they can justify […]