I am a victim of US Military abuse with rf frequencies, grooming me in Terrorism and forcing me to do suicidebombing in public places

I want US Military to

I want US Military to leave me alone. They continue to force themselves in my healing process causing interference and disruptions that it no longer stays as a heal process instead it’s an extension of the ongoing abuse, torture with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. They treat me as dump, naive & incapable so they can justify […]


Gaslighting – 11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting [#626 days until 1000 of seeking Justice)

US Military use Gaslighting tactics of mind control victims. The victims are constantly being subjected to psychological manipulation in a one way communication systems which is one way and it’s used to give victims instructions by force, torture, abuse, harrassment thought V2K ( voice to skull) ongoing V2K harrassment by US Military under HAARP […]