MK Ultra Case Studies

Mk Ultra Case Studies

  1. Mathew Pauly is both an author and victim of MK ULTRA at the hands of Military and Intelligence in Canada
  2. Myron May
  3. Aaron Alexis
  4. Ralph Tortorici
  5. Esteban Santiago-Ruiz


My Story

The process US Military used to destroy me in order to replace my thoughts and behavior to fit into their criminal agenda

US Military attacked me in 2013 to indoctrinated me in Terrorism, without my consent but used force , abuse, torture with HAARP electromagnetic weapons

  • US Military Force me to abandon the development of my art career instead I was subjected to hours of Terrorism grooming. US Military forced me to be listen to hours of voice to skull dictation which initially including the Globalisation manifesto. When I had learned that, it became more personal as they defined my role in the plan. I was going to be used to secure Strategic Minerals for US Military weapons like HAARP & areas of economy agenda that required Strategic Minerals. Voice to Skull was the technology US Military used to force communication on me. US Military told me that I had to listen and follow instructions to the letter in order to survive. I was only answerable to US Military or NATO to guarantee my protection in a war zone.  US Military were trying to integrate my photographic career with working as a go between with militia who were going to overthrow the Zimbabwe government who the US Military were training for the invasion of Zimbabwe. I was to go to the wilderness to exchange weapons and information with the militia as dictated by US Military.
  • Indoctrinated me in transhumanism principals, told US Military made decisions about every aspect of my life including my lifestyle, friendships & relationships and children I could have and with who etc
  • After beginning the Terrorism indoctrination, US Military told me to have a Muslim child with my Muslim neighbor for sacrifice. Told me I could kill or abuse this child and blame post natal depression if I found myself in court. I would be sentenced for serious crime and deported to Zimbabwe were I would be later released after a while. US Military wanted me deported for a serious crime to publicise the Muslim link through the child and making sure I would not be able to return to UK under any circumstances,  I was told US Military would resume communication with me and would direct terrorist activities in Zimbabwe
  • Forced me to start making plans to go back to Zimbabwe as the child abuser/Killer. The crime would automatically get me deported to Zimbabwe to serve my time. Zimbabwe government would never suspect I was coming back to be used in a terrorism plot to invade Zimbabwe by US Military.
  • US Military indented to use my Muslim child to frame me for links to Islamic Terrorism (ISIS) so they could invade Zimbabwe and pretend to fight Islamic Terrorism.
  • Eventually I would be freed in Zimbabwe to live as a normal citizen, at which point US Military would resume its plan to invade Zimbabwe. Going into secluded areas like wilderness of Zimbabwe on the pretext of doing photographic projects while  passing weapons and messages to militia. US Military said I would be affiliated with Mozambique rebels to facilitate the movement of Strategic Minerals from Zimbabwe to sea via Beria Corridor in Mozambique. I was told US Military have a secluded based in Chimanimani Mountains
  • US Military would facilitate the movement of weapons through the US Embassy in Zimbabwe
  • In 2016 I finally managed to exposed US Military to the Zimbabwe government and anyone I felt should know about US Military criminal plans. US Military tried to cover this up by pretending to be developing my art career that was US Military controlled. It varied from trying to use me online with a colour revolution agenda against my country to making art that had underlying racist and revolutionary  under tones to overthrow Zimbabwe ruling party. Which I flagged up as US Military were trying to control my identity to benefit their malicious agenda towards Zimbabwe.
  • I have lost time, friends and my dignity because of this crime. I have endured hours of abuse, torture and negative indoctrination at the hands of US Military. Instead of suffering in silence, I chose to go public and educate people about US Military crime