Crime Reporting

Crime Reporting 

With Terrorism, if you see/hear something, say something and that is what I did. I tried reporting this crime to the UK police but was dismissed because they did not deal with HAARP Electromagnetic crimes.

West Bromwich Police Station, 26 April 2016.

This image was taken the same day, I went to West Bromwich Police to lodge my complaint. It is evidence that I made a serious effort to contact the police regarding my situation in 2016.

Zimbabwe Government 

In 2016,  I told my government about this crime, and they believed me. I felt relieved, in contrast  the UK Police and later the psychiatric system who have shown sheer arrogance and ignorance of  HAARP ELECTROMAGNETIC ABUSE. However their ignorance is not going to stop me educating people about this crime. Read about my PHD ambitions here


Mr Sango is the Zimbabwe Ambassador to Russia, a Zimbabwe Government Official , whose twitter account I used to communicate about my issue with the US Military. I was asked me to send an email, which I did via my email address. I also confirmed if the email had been received via my twitter account.



I made every efforts to inform the UK Government who had no interest in what I had to say. Maybe they did not feel threatened because it was Zimbabwe at risk and it was NOT THEIR PROBLEM.