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I am campaigning for Policy Change and Advocating for Human Rights for Targeted Individuals who have been mistreated by the Mental Health System.

I’m a targeted Individual, living in UK. I believe I have been one my entire life, mostly due emotional abuse I’ve suffered from all angles. Growing up I experienced health challenges, an undiagnosed & untreated mental condition, and “childhood epilepsy”. These manifested in very dramatic mood swings (feeling everything to nothing), eating disorders, attention span deficit, long periods of dissociation, recklessness & self-sabotaging behaviour (these behaviours have lessened over the years). Combining the abuse with these symptoms of clear psychological injury, for most of my life I thought I was either cursed or deserved the abuse, and my entire life was dedicated to pretending to be someone else, fighting these demons inside me thinking it was all entirely within my own control.

It was only until my early to mid 20s that I heard about Freemasonry, which I now realise was street theatre at a time when I was “studying” Journalism & Media at Thames Valley University (now University of West London). That was the beginning of everything. Then I witnessed a relative through what I now know as gangstalking. Through the wall, my relative’s neighbour could be heard harassing them & making threats as well as vandalising their property. And then witnessed how my relative being followed everywhere they went…I saw the street theatre, gaslighting, the cars following them, and even some cars trying to run my loved one off the road. As a result of this experience, it wasn’t difficult for me to understand what was going on. I honestly thought anyone with common sense would.

Then the targeting – or at least, knowledge of it – affected me. I would say that for the first decade at least of me finding out I was a Targeted Individual, I become extremely hyper-vigilant & paranoid (though most of my findings were usually right, some evidence can be found on my social media), and sometimes the gaslighting would play tricks on me leading to wrongly approach people and accuse them in a way that became too direct and personal at time. Because of my awareness as to what was happening to me, a spark of sanity within me started growing into a flame.

I had lied to myself for such a long time about my worth, my dreams & my goals. I had lost hope for myself thinking it was my fault but then I realised I was a Targeted Individual. It was a huge awakening, because that’s when my life actually changed. I took back some of the control from my perpetrators/handlers – it took more than a decade of trial & error, constant moving from one home to another (perpetrators/handlers are in charge of getting TIs into controlled environment for easier access), homelessness, hospitalisation, multiple suicide attempts, hyper-vigilance, physically mutilating electronic torture & severe distress, as well as pain and experience of being shunned by other targeted individuals. I had been through stigma and peer pressure to silence me from talking about my mental health challenges and experiences. I managed to gather medical evidence of electromagnetic torture, including being scanned for chips (of which there are in my body).

This convoluted crime has created problems for me finding a relationship that I can feel safe and comfortable in. It left me being with lover after lover (I’m with someone now), crush after crush, never knowing whether or not they were charged with observing me so they could pimp out information about me to my torturers. It took me going through memories of incidents that were just too timely & precise to be just another day of me being bullied or disrespected… incidents that were setup so I could be exploited and used by my perpetrators /handlers to embarked on my own investigations to understand the truth, and this lead me to trying to settle petty scores, only to unwittingly end up revealing corruption of hidden-in-plain-sight alchemical fraternities, Black Ops, defence systems, local politics, policing, the medical profession, real estate & charity.

I don’t need to tell anyone that’s not an easy road, because it could have left me for dead, a long time ago. Through this pain, I was given the opportunity to really get to know myself and my psychological injuries, how they affect me on a daily basis and how the ongoing physical and psychological torture has an impact my overall mental health condition. Is it a mental health condition that I have acquired naturally or is it a result of the cybertorture, harassment, stalking and unlawful surveillance I experience? Is the mental illness label about rendering me incompetent, to diminish my ability to testify in court as a victim of non-consensual human experimentation with biological warfare weapons? Finding out the truth has not been easy, but it has GIVEN me a part of my LIFE back. The part that knows Who I am.

I have had to know myself better than my perpetrators because I didn’t have a choice. Its about survival. Had to shift from being vulnerable to resilient while experiencing some of the worst physical cybertorture I had ever been through in my life, never ending street theatre or gaslighting.

Being a Targeted Individual was not designed to give me my life. It was not designed to give me purpose. It was not designed to make me strong, but instead was specifically designed to neutralise me. I know I can take accountability for my actions without placing the entire blame on myself… instead knowing that I was nominated for targeting from a young child without my consent…knowing I have been subject to corruption of the highest order, means I didn’t have a choice BUT to know these things – it has empowered me and strengthened me to seek change and a better life for myself.

Abuse has slowed me down, dulled my brilliance & robbed me of my beauty…but the truth – the real truth – saved me in ways nothing else could possibly come close to even if my life were good. I want to give others that same gift which is why, when the wonderful Winnie Mangwende asked me to be a volunteer adviser for other TIs when it comes to the mental health system, I of course said yes. What other answer is there?

For all my fellow TIs out there…understand that you are not alone, and if you have mental health condition or psychological injuries, there are no mental illnesses in the world that could create such an elaborate story structure of alchemical fraternities, Black Ops, unlawful defence systems testing, unlawful pharma testing or the Official Secrets Act. Calling you crazy for speaking about Targeted individual experiences is not only shallow, cowardly & defamatory, it has serious consequences of potentially rendering you impotent & diminishing your ability to testify in court if this slur goes far enough.

None of what you are going through is a lie or a delusion. Nor is it your fault & nor do you deserve it. The truth is, you may well have been targeted long term due to your intelligence, as psychological torture is the Achilles Heel of an intelligent, analytical & sensitive person. This is usually because you may use all your brainpower trying to understand abusive, irrational & cowardly behaviour, and fight against the internalisation of constant psychological bombardment as well as navigating horrendous physical torture. Your focus is taken away from the bigger picture in this way, and this is entirely strategic. So do not blame yourselves at all. Get connected and start investigating the more practical aspects of targeting so we can understand the challenges and overcome them.

What all of us are doing at http://www.iamnotaprototype.com is doing what many wonderful groups for TIs have done before us, and helping TIs find that much-denied humanity, giving them a voice & helping them realise their power. We do look forward to working with you.

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