My Makeover Journey

I am trying to reclaim my life by reverting to my old life and doing things I used to enjoy including having my hair done, wearing clothes I like, make up. I also need to lose weight through diet and exercise. Journey beginning August 2019…

17 August 2019




14 August 2019 – My First WW meeting – Weigh in 17.5 Stone


Sunday – 04 August 2019

Bear with me, my makeover is only beginning and I am experimenting and trying ideas of how my look will finally turn out. Today’s look is not very polished but its the beginning. While the clothes fit and are comfortable, I still got a long way to go with make up, Hair, pedicure, manicure etc

Inspiration made in layout using the various clothing I have in my shopping haul..


From the 16 items, most are oversize shirts that can be own over black trousers. I have compiled a few looks to wear which I am going to be sharing with as I wear them.

I have run out clothes to wear due to the ongoing weight gain. My average size used to be 14/16 now I am 20/22 UK size. I recently bought a clothes haul at reasonable prices from one of the high street shop who had an online sale. I bought 16 items in total which I will try and integrate with my existing wardrobe.
Creating a capsule wardrobe
A capsule wardrobe is a limited collection of clothes that coordinate well and can be worn in a number of different ways to cater for multiple occasions. Beginners guide to capsule wardrobe

My recent haul has the animal print theme going through it
I have always liked browns, not so much beige, tan, but rich hues of coffee and chocolate browns. However this animal print haul seem to have both colours I like and those I dislike.

The haul was overwhelming when I first received it that I have to created some looks using layout to give me a basic idea of how to put the clothes together.

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This page is dedicated to my Makeover Journey. I am a victim of US Military abuse, torture and harassment with HAARP Ionising Radiation. US Military have been abusing me and denying me my right to live the life I want. Which has lead to weight gain and self neglect. I experience psychological harassment aimed at destroying my identity and perception of who I am. US Military have been dictating what I can and cannot wear. Interfering or stopping all together, beauty routines I have followed since I was a teenager discovering my own beauty and self, like home facials, pedicures, manicures, making my hair by making me look unkempt and internally making me feel dejected and ugly. They have totally destroyed these beauty rituals which help one to feel relaxed and enable them to maintain good well-being

US Military have been abusing me deliberately to destroy my self-esteem and confidence denying me my right to pursue relationships for love that can lead to marriage and children. Denying me my right to lead a normal life, so I can have friends who share common interests and can have social time like eating out, watching movies etc without US Military trying to create an opportunity to psychologically manipulate me into relationships that they themselves can benefit from i.e US Military wanted me to befriend Zimbabwe Woman so they can create a platform to manipulating them for colour revolutions. I was attacked because US Military were trying to exploit my Zimbabwean Identity for their benefit politically and now I am making this public so people can understand this type of crime and how it ruins peoples lives, from my perspective