Health and Wellbeing

My Health and Well-being has suffered as a result of US Military Abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. My struggle to get totally control of my life still continues. I am fighting to be free of this crime. My goal is to raise awareness of this crime and hope that will bring attention to my perpetrators so they are caught and persecuted. They are no failures. They is no room for failure because for everyday I am abused, my life is at risk  e.g Some of the abuse leads me to stop breathing or to choke in my sleep. i dont want to live everyday of my life fighting for my freedom and being subjected to Daily Ritual ABUSE

Rebuilding my life is a journey and my goals are 

  1. Lose Weight – See my weight-loss journey here 
  2. Deal with the Trauma through therapy and empowering ways
  3. Rebuilding relationships affected by this crime and forming new healthy relationships
  4. Visit my home country
  5.  Learn to drive