Goal 1: Health and Wellbeing

I want to work with professionals to help me deal with this crime in a therapeutic and empowering way.

Deal with the Trauma through therapy and empowering ways

My Health and Well-being has suffered as a result of US Military Abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. My struggle to get totally control of my life still continues. I am fighting to be free of this crime. My goal is to raise awareness of this crime and hope that will bring attention to my perpetrators so they are caught and persecuted.  Everyday I am abused, my life is at risk  e.g Some of the abuse leads me to stop breathing or to choke in my sleep. I do not want to live everyday of my life fighting for my freedom and being subjected to Daily Ritual ABUSE

Where am I as of 2018

Areas of my life that have been neglected due to this crime that I am fighting to control myself are

  • Diet and Exercise. The abuse and torture has left me disenabled , unable to function to my optimum best. In particular when US Military have used fatigue as a weapon of control so they can isolate me and psychologically manipulate me. This has lead to not exercise, emotional eat or eat unhealthy food because its convenient as I do not have the energy to prepare a health meal. Also the HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies that I am subjected to, make me feel hungry constantly. The HAARP Electromagnetic abuse send hunger signals to my brain. I end up losing control of any willpower or diet plans I have.
  • Socialising and networking with Family and Friends has not been regular. I have lost a lot of contacts as a result of this crime. People who were important to me or known to me for a long time. This was by design to isolate me for HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse. I want to maintain contact with Family and Friends as well as making new friends in areas of my life that as relevant and meaningful in my life. US Military have tried to isolate me by trying to dictate who I can and can not be friends with so they can hide their crime of indoctrinating me in Terrorism. That has not worked well for them because I have in turn I have used social media to expose them. I believe the public confidence is growing as more and more people are awaking to the crime. Its also helps me psychologically to know people believe me enough to want to understand more about this crime and how it is being used on them in their lives – including individual targeting and mass mind control going on with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.
  • Living conditions, not only is the environment I live in is suffering from neglect, I am also being tortured and abused in my own home
    Coursework is not up to date because US Military have tried to hijack its development to push an agenda that cover up that they attacked me and indoctrinated me in Terrorism.
  • Work and Career Development- before my attack I wanted to progress in my current job before retiring to my photographic projects unless I got a scholarship or progress to PHD sooner. I had a clear goal and a developmental path that would be feasible with my skills, knowledge and would accommodated my needs developing Relationships, getting married and having children. But with US Military interference, these goals were abused for exploitation . It not going to be easy to go back straight into them. I have lost 5 years of my life struggling to free myself from this crime. I have ended with psychological trauma and other issues as a result of US Military abuse and torture with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies that need to be addressed.
  • Budgeting and Savings – US Military have been surbotarging any plans I have to improve on my current job or develop my art career or accumulate savings. so they can control me. By keeping me down and low income it enables US Military to dehuminise me and coerce me in to criminal activities so I gain financial wealth or to continue to force HAARP Trauma based mind control on the pretext of developing my career which I never consented to. Thats why they have been interfering in my career development and trying to force me into terrorism to get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals, using my identity to control movement of minerals through the black market as a financial incentive

Rebuilding my life is a journey and my goals are 

  1. Lose Weight – See my weight-loss journey here 
  2. Deal with the Trauma through therapy and empowering ways
  3. Rebuilding relationships affected by this crime and forming new healthy relationships
  4. Visit my home country as well as other countries and places I want to visit.
  5.  Learn to drive. Its because of US Military brain hacking that makes driving unsafe. I want it to stop so I can live the life I want
  6. Financial independence gained though my own hard work and skills without external interference from US Military.