Turning my experience into a Photographic Project

Project Proposal 


The project proposal has inspired other areas of my life in order to achieve this project.

  • Health and Well being
  • Social activities
  • Work and life balance
  • Budgeting
  • Time management
  • Research and Development


  1. Identity and exploitation. Application of US Military on citizens of other countries to exploit their identities in international crime
  2. Non consensual human experimentation, trauma based mind control, abuse and torture
  3. Terrorism indoctrination , crime grooming and demanding a Muslim child sacrifice to frame me for terrorism
  4. Forced isolation and causing alienation and denial to exercise my human rights
  5. Human rights and Nuremberg  code
  6. Crimes linked to HAARP
  7. Injustices.  My experience is unique to me and should be taken in the context of the crime perpetrated. I recognize the of this crime globally and I urge individuals to come forward to report their crimes to varies organisation responsible for policing and maintaining human rights
  8. Exposing the crime – reporting to various authorities  – Police and Zimbabwe government
  9. Psychological manipulation, cover up and back up plans to force slavery
  10. Raising public awareness



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