Who am I – Reclaiming my Life

Who am I?


The purpose of exposing the crime is to reclaim my identity. Purging everything that was done to me by US Military into the public domain. I have no regret of exposing what happened to me. I expect US Military actions to have consequences and retribution worldwide on them in particular Africa where they want to exploit and loot raw materials including Strategic Minerals and Oil.

Stolen Identity

US Military are using HAARP electromagnetic frequencies to appropriate my identity in order to facilitate the crime of terrorism and espionage against Zimbabwe. By exploiting my identity, The level of control can be measured by the influence and the control they possess over my life and lifestyle.

US Military have scripts/checklists that they work with in order to create these identities. This involves trying to impose on the victim what to wear, eat, social activities, networks, how they live, who to have a child with, when to have children, control you children & relationships etc.

HAARP and HAARP related electromagnetic weapons have various application. When US Military targeted me for terrorism indoctrination, they were using the military application of the technology for Mind control together with MK ULTRA practices to create new neuron pathways into the brain. When I exposed US Military for terrorism indoctrination with intention to use me in a terror plot to frame Islamic Terrorism to enable US Military to invade Zimbabwe and exploit Strategic minerals. They changed their approach towards me and were trying to pretend that they were using the commercial end of the technology to enhance my knowledge. Both were lies. They was no way of US Military knowing what I wanted to do at any given time without forcing  ideas on me, isolate me  and stopped me forming my own independent thoughts. They are stopping me using self will and self determination. US Military are still trying to impose their wishes and will on my identity against my will.

After a while, I began to see through the psychological manipulation and the inept ability of the technology to enable me to selfactualize and be independent. US military are denying me the right to enjoy the journey to my life and destiny. Enjoy the process of trying things out, use critical thinking, to reflect or/and identify the solution, Self Determination, peace and wellbeing.

The more we understand identity and diversity, the reality is, Artificial Intelligence is not equipped to deal with the various dynamic identities of human qualities. Instead its loaded with cliche and stereotypes of its originators who are criminals, racists and have slavery and human domination on their mind.