Justice – Focus on 2019


For 2019 I want an end to US Military Mind Control abuses under their Chemtrail/HAARP Mind Control developments being done to me against my will. I never consented to this crimes being perpetrated against me and will never consent. I want recognition that I am a victim of a crime by US Military under Chemtrail/HAARP developments. I would like to hear from lawyers who are experienced in this field and would like to take my case pro bono.

2. Career Development

Although I have a Post Graduate Degree in Photography, the electromagnetic abuse and assault have caused my ability to learn and retain large quantities of information to deteriorate. I have ambitions to study at PHD level which means I have to start all over again to reskill myself and learn to concentrate and complete required course work tasks and assignmentsI am currently enrolled in long distance Fashion and Design course to learn dressmaking skills to develop my Protest wear portfolio for university.  The idea to develop protest wear was to:

  • Raise Awareness of illegal Chemtrail/HAARP Mind Control Developments
  • Help me regain some creative and cognitive skills
  • Exercise my right to Self Determination by telling my story from my perspective without external pressure to forcing me to embellish or cover up what was done to me
  • Use the Protest Wear project as Art therapy for expression and healing
  • Develop an art portfolio so I could go back to university to further study in a new and developing area of interest

3. Weight loss and Well-being 

US Military have been abusing me by running HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency current through my head affecting my brain, then trying to force mind control on me against my will. The pain of being subjected to an Electromagnetic frequency by force under Chemtrails/HAARP mind control developments is illegal and a criminal offence I am trying to expose to get justice.

4. Friendships and relationships

For 2019, Maintaining and developing new relationships is one of my goals to avoid isolation and exploitation. Isolation was deliberately created so l would be exploited for non consensual mind control abuses I experience under HAARP/Chemtrail mind control developments

5. Cleaning, Decluttering and Home DIY 

I want my environment to be conducive for my health and wellbeing. The clutter and neglect has being deliberately to stop me functioning effectively in my environment. To add to the induced dizziness and disorientation caused by HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies forcing mind control on me against my will.

9. Savings and Budgeting

I earn a minimum wage so I have to be careful about my spending. Sometimes when I work overtime, I can afford to put some money towards my savings. In 2019, I want to be able to budget well so that I am not over spending or wasting my money on things I do not need. Keen to build up on my savings as well as spend my money with care through budgeting and sticking to my budget as much as possible.


For 2020 

  1. Travelling
  2. Learning to drive
  3. University