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New human rights to protect against ‘mind hacking’ and brain data theft proposed 

Section Two 

One of the most dreaded thing happened to me in November of 2017. I was sectioned against my will. During my  stay at the Hospital in Hallam, I was subjected to inhuman and degrading practices by members of staff at Hallam Hospital.

fb_img_15121597303661123928651659857415.jpgMy bed at Hallam Hospital, November 2017
  • Twice I was threatened with restraint for refusing to hand over my phone, which was my personal property
  • I was asked to sign a risk assessment document that had been put together by a student nurse within hours of arriving at Hallam Hospital. When I refused to sign and demand a copy of the risk assessment, I was denied
  • My phone was taken away from me, as a suction without a DOL in place. Staff made decision, after they decided that they did not like my tweets and took my phone without my consent. Longest was three days denying me access to contact my family through the contacts in my phone. It took days for my family to find after my phone was take abruptly and without warning
  • I was denied an opportunity to get a change of clothes, having being sectioned in the clothes I was wearing. Other patients chipped in to get me clothes and toiletries with money I had to payback after I left.
  • I was not allowed to access money from my bank card because they was no the cash point in the building.
  • I was denied feminine hygiene products and went two days until the service manager learned about my situation through a psychologists who came to interview me on Monday, having been locked up since Friday
  • I was denied medical attention of my headaches which were not taken seriously although I had mentioned them in my initial assessment.
  •  I was discharged after two clinical assessment without any diagnosis as far as I was aware. The day after my discharge from hospital, as a requirement, I met with a nurse who told me I had been discharged. A few days later, I was surprised to  received a care plan with a diagnosis that was never related to me face to face.
  • And again a few days later I received a letter to an appointment that I will not entertain unless its accompanied by a community order. I believe the NHS Mental Health Service is abusing their powers and not following the proper guidelines set within the mental health frame work .
  • Legally, I want to know, if for the second appointment, if they are using my internet activity to make mental health decision, can I sue them?
  • I had a visit from a ‘Safeguarding Office’ on the . I had him knocking but I did not answer my door. I rarely answer my door unless I am expecting someone. When he later phoned me, I knew he had been to my flat at around 2pm that day. He said he was Heroon, a safeguarding officer. He started pressuring me to meet with him as soon as possible. I told him, I could not meet these last two weeks of December, its Christmas time, I AM BUSY! I would not mind meeting him in January. I did not see the urgency of meeting him straight away.  He changed his story, he started telling me that he was not only from safeguarding but he was from counter terrorism. He had a right to see me.  From the way he was talking I assume he is the only one man safeguarding and counter terrorism officer in the building. I can only assume If he goes on A/L the whole departments under him closes too. Must be the dreaded drastic police cuts. If he is going to interview me for any terrorism related content, should I not have a lawyer present?
  • So now I have been set up to a meeting with a psychiatry and a policemen who are both lying as fuck and could pin anything on me. I will not see either of them without any paperwork or my Miranda rights.

Mental Capacity Act 

Where are my Rights?

I have over 15 years experience working in UK Social Care sector, with people with various social and care needs. I am familiar with the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and The Human Rights Act 1998. While I have fallen victim of US Military abuse, I did not expect to find failings in the Mental Health system, governed by law and legislation by the treatment I have received so far.During my stay in this facility that was suppose to be ‘Therapeutic’, I was threatened twice with restraints, my phone was taken at the whim by staff. I was not allowed to charge my own phone and they kept getting my food order wrong. These things may seem thrival but to a person whose rights are being taken away in a “hospital” against their well, this is prison.

The Current Mental health and Policing systems are incapable of coping with this crime. because of their approach, they have become an obstacle to justice and well-being to victims of HAARP ELECTROMAGNETIC ABUSE. They is a high level of ignorance and  misdiagnosis within these services which are not innovative enough to deal with this crime. While Trauma Based Counselling is something that I see as helpful to deal with a traumatic experience, it has to be with a person that is patient and  can be trusted. Currently they is no Health and Well-being that can be achieved under HAARP ELECTROMAGNETIC ABUSE. This situation has to be treated as a crime in order to remove the source of abuse from victims.

Intellectual Rights Privileges

I refuse to discuss any of my online content with the psychiatric and policing community under my intellectual rights privileges. See intentions to submit a PHD Thesis here.