My Story


My MA Project was about Identity. It was in response to my own awareness of my identity and the current social media trends and ideas about identity that were being explored. The selfie trend within social media empowered people to express their identity in a way that had never been accessible before. People volunteering various parts of their identity on social media,  in contrast to how they would normally behave in public situations

 As a (BA) student I had taken an interest in works of identity in Photography by other art practitioners using various medium to express themselves i.e Paintings, Sculpture, Photographs , Moving Image etc. Works by ……………………………………………..were of particular interest to me as the had allowed to be engage in their work and understand their perspective as a practitioner as well as in other areas i.e being a women, about race, . Through art I felt they had been some sort of achievement as a human race to find similarities and differences, intriguing, empowering and educational.

I considered myself an artist and someone with great potential within creative industries. I could express my African Identity from my own perspective without the one sided narrative of the mainstream media.  With the west

Stolen Identify

I was attacked in 2013 by US Military who had other ideas about my identity that did not involve my vision or view of the world. It was about crime and exploitation, an issue that has persisted since and is exploitative in nature. I was abused by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies where I was indoctrinated in Terrorism and Muslim Child abuse/Murder to frame Zimbabwe of Strategic Minerals so US Military could destabilise and invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

US Military use Voice to Skull technology on me by force to give me instructions of the crime of Terrorism.

The also exploited my identity as a woman to force me to have a Muslim child to frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism.

Who am I

Since my attack in 2013, US Military used HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies to rob me of the ability to use my internal locus of control in all aspects of my life. Instead used HAARP and HAARP related technology to dictate my life to the detriment of my health and wellbeing.

Exposing US Military has not been easy, especially when their identity is a stake.  US have tried to portray an image of fighting terrorism when, they are engineering terrorism to steal resources like Strategic Minerals to pursue a personal interest of developing mind control technologies like HAARP.  They are hiding the actual developments they are doing with HAARP electromagnetic Frequencies of Trauma Based Mind Control. Originating from MKULTRA developments form the past.

Deprogramming has been a journey. Identifying US Military as a serious threat to my life has helped me to distance myself from attempts by US Military to control of my life. I intend to use what I know to raise awareness.