T-shirt Activism?

Fabric Samples

I have been collecting fabric samples from online fabric printing shops to enable me to select the material I would like to work with in developing my T.Shirt


I wore my t-shirt today in solidarity with victims of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse, Targeted Individuals etc. Every victim deserve a court case. Not What US Military is trying to do, to bundle these crimes as one , to hide serious crimes like international terrorism engineering


What is a T-shirt Activism?


Reading List

How t-shirt activism became the fashion statement of the year https://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/style/t-shirt-activism-became-fashion-statement-year/

What is a Wearable Protest?

Wearable Protest: Fashion’s Role in Activism
Design Museum Monday, 20th Nov 2017

In a recent symposium I attended the panel argued that T.Shirt activism reach a new high with the US election in 2016. Maybe so but will never truly know, because Digital media has its own way of magnifying things. you might think you have access to the world but in reality we all live in our own bubbles defined by our backgrounds, experiences and interests.

Portfolio Building

Protest wear is about portfolio building to take me to the next stage of my continuing professional development hopefully on a different subject. I find it is necessary to go through with the protest wear project as the assaults and abuses continue to interfere with my life and well being. Its never going to be about profiting from this project but about exposing and raising awareness about US Military crimes with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.

US Military were using my art career development to hold me hostage and to blackmail me into espionage activities. I exposed that US Military were using electromagnetic weapons to force me into pseudo contracts that they impose on me to exploit my identity. I never asked US Military to help me with my career instead, they where driven my identity- Zimbabwean to exploit Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for their Military weapons including HAARP & Chemtrails.

This interference involves disrupting my career development and trying to embed in my life to dictate what I can say and do with my life- that includes  downplaying 2 years of my when I was being indoctrinated  in Terrorism.  Because of that my life or the future of my children are at risk.  I see it as a threat both to my security and self determination



Protest wear

Protest wear development has taken me years, even to reach this point were I designed a t.shit on my mobile phone and ordered it. Why so long, because US Military have been working hard to cover up this crime. I ended doing a Fashion and Design course ( which was indented by US Military to divert me from this subject of exposing US Military terrorism indoctrination) instead of the MA course on TERRORISM and SECURITY I wanted to do. I take the national security of my country seriously over any agenda. US MILITARY will never be able to cover up the Terrorism indoctrination that was done to me. I am committed to go on with the fashion and design course as i have committed myself to a 2 year financial contract I pay monthly. Its about skilling myself but more importunately, its about exposing US MILITARY abuse, torture and terrorism indoctrination with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies



The timeline for this project is 2 years. Its the only thing I want do to help me focus and concentrate on seeking permanent solution to this crime. Had I began it in 2016 when I started exposing this crime. It it would be complete but US military have be trying it cover it up and I have held fast that it will be told because of the sheer evilness of the crime that is perpetrated against me.

1000 Days Countdown to Healing till November 18th, 2020 gives me a feasible deadline to how this project can be developed, alongside me seeking justice for this crime. 

Materials, Technology and Techniques 


“Let me not die in vain” Mayron May was a young american lawyer who was gangstalked, victimised, tortured and abused with US Military HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies. He decided to record his story , which was later published youtube after he died. We share a similar experience, however the goal of my victimisation and abuse was different, I was groomed in terrorism. His experience led to him being unable to pursue his career and life opportunities which lead to him killing and dying in a mass shooting, he had instigated as a way out. I was also left with limited options to dealing with this crime too. I decided to let my government know what US Military were doing and once I told the Zimbabwe government what was going on, it empowered me to expose this crime and raise awareness to US Military crimes with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.

I am using my experience to develop a permanent record of the crime for people to find and learn about it so they can expose this knowing they are not alone. if US Military plans to use terrorism in Zimbabwe had succeeded it would have put lives of 15 Million Zimbabweans at risk from the invasion and war. Its beyond me, its about the National Security of a country. I am not taking it lightly and I dont think my government is either.

My story has to be told and shared for awareness. HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies might be the new and emerging form of warfare that US and many western countries have kept a secret with the very intention of carrying out covert warfare, but exposing these technologies, they cease to have the power to be used in secret crimes as they were intended.

Protest wear is not a new concept.  It has existed for a while. Its a form of expression that people use to show outrage and its one of my goals to develop protest wear as a way of exposing this crime. I am an MA Photography student which I never finished I was learning about developing photographic projects that would be visual informative to the public. I never finished because US Military disrupted my studies as a way of showing power over my life then proceed to indoctrinate me in Terrorism. I want to use my experience to tell my story and develop a portfolio to figure out WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. As of now I do not know and I do not want to know. I have been through so much trauma and abuse that I do not want add anymore stress in my life. I want to contribute towards the national security of my country and My story will help me do that.

Materials, Technology and Techniques to considered  in developing a narrative that will raise awareness and will resonate with people who are victims of this crime.

Fashion Design and Dressmaking Course

I feel US Military pushed me to do this course to divert me from doing my project on protest wear. They would continually exaggerate the intentions of me doing the course and would constantly move the goal post and changing the reasons I took the course. I had to suspend the course because I was not getting any work that I wanted to do done -which was to expose US Military abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. I am financially committed to complete the course and will be completing it to get the certificate. it gives me an overview of the basics in Fashion Design and dressmaking

Doing the course also help me in some aspects of my life. Inspiring me to do a lifestyle makeover, an overhaul of my hair, makeup  and clothes





Text that sum up the relationship between US Military and me. Its a one sided relationship were US Military use their HAARP Electromagnetic Weapons to force me to act against my will.


  • I am not a Prototype
  • You are dead to me
  • Mental Rape

Design inspiration 

The T-shirt is a popular item used in activism. Targeted individuals who share similar experiences of HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Abuse have been doing their own designs raising awareness about their experiences. My situation although similar in experiences with some, had a unique difference in that I was indoctrinated in Terrorism and I want my story and my work to reflect my experiences of being groomed in terrorism by US Military.  My designs are inspired by artwork I saw on a train station for reporting suspicious terror related activity. It resonated in me, a familiarity with 80s style and a sense of rebellion