Cover up

When US Military failed to use me in Terrorism as they planned, they tried to force me into silence, they continue to hold my art career development hostage, to see if they can manipulate odds in their favour. They have no respect of my human rights. They attack me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies when I am doing my work to force Trauma Based Mind Control. In the past they also tried to force me to trade career opportunities for Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals, thus forcing me into carrying out Espionage and Treason against my country. I do not want US Military in any aspect of my life.

Stolen Identity

I am developing a project to expose US Military abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. I was attacked by US Military in 2013 and indoctrinated in Terrorism, so US Military could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. I was isolated, abused and tortured, told to have a Muslim child, so US Military could frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism. I exposed US Plans to the Zimbabwean government in 2016. US Military tried to cover this crime up but I refused to be silenced. I want US Military crimes exposed.

I decided along time ago that I would use my artistic background to expose US Military for the crime perpetrated against me. I wanted to do the project in a methodical and academic way so that I would regain some of the skills I had lost due to this crime.

I am not going to be sutle, I intend to be very blunt and direct. I am not going to make apologies or have any sympathy towards my perpetrators, I want them and their project destroyed. I am not making any secrets about my feelings. I suffered at the hands of US Military who pushed me to near death soo many times. If they are willing to destroy me then they should accept the fact that when people fight back, they are doing it to survive. They can be destroyed too.


I want to be left alone by both

US Military are trying to exploit the lack of law that protect people from harassment with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. They are using this to exploit and abuse people purposely. They know it will be a while before the legislation is in place and by then they would have done advancements, always working ahead of the law.

Common law is above all laws made by man. Weather or not HAARP related  laws are going to be made into law one day, under common law,  HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse a crime now. It’s is a crime because it already interferes with fundamental human rights. I did not and will never consent to HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse.

The lack of specific laws on HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse allows US Military to force victims of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse to live in fear of be institualiased by the system who will label them mentally ill because the systems is ill equipped to deal with the HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse crime. So mental institutions are utterly irrelevant and useless as a service to victims of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse.

They both should leave me alone. One is a bare faced criminal (US Military) and the other totally ill equipped to deal with this crime. So both should fuck off.

US Military Synchronised me to HAARP cycle

When US Military attacked me in 2013 , they tried to synchronise me to the HAARP cycle by giving me visual ques and trying to force behaviour linked to the various points in the cycle. Each cycle produced its own frequencies, so US military were synchronising me to each frequency. They were conditioning me to certain frequencies which they created corresponding emotional response which was link to the agenda they were pursing. To radicalise me in terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals.

US Commercial and Military industries rely heavily on Strategic Minerals from countries like Congo, Afghanistan, North Korea, South Africa, Zimbabwe . Each continent

So my abuse has always been linked to US Military HAARP modification cycle. US Military started creating long cycles that were enabled by rigging my house with corresponding frequencies and started indoctrinating me in terrorism. Exposing me to HAARP electromagnetic frequencies under Hypnosis using Political Neuro Linguistic Programming to program me to overthrow the Zimbabwe government for strategic minerals.

Modern Slavery

US Military are using HAARP Electromagnetic weapons to force me into slavery after initially forcing me into Terrorism #modernslavery.

I don’t an independent space to express myself. I am under constant surveillance and psychological manipulation to be used in US Military agendas.

I have not been happy since my Attack in 2013 by US Military. I want to invite people into my world were illegal and atrocious acts of abuse, torture and slavery are happening.

I have been abused and tortured. My skin burned and bruised by HAARP Electromagnetic weapons to force into submission and slavery

I am being Isolated against my will and my emotions are being manipulated or have been profiled against my will so that they can be used in fake senerios. Can you be forced to look happy when you are under abuse and torture. I invite people to look at the movie “Get Out” to get an idea of what is happening to people like me and many other

I am not a Terrorist

In 2013, I was attacked by US Military who abused, tortured, raped and indoctrinated me in Terrorism and Child abuse/murder sacrifice to pursue a political agenda in Zimbabwe using me and my identity against my will. In a unique set of circumstances and technologies used, my case was not easy to prove.

The mainstream media and those in authority choose to ignore my situation as it did not appear to affect them directly or personally. Although I had got little comfort from telling my own government, I was not satisfied that it all I had to do. I want to tell a lot of people, I wanted to expose the plan and I wanted to see it fall. The only way I could satisfy myself that this was going to happen was to take responsibility of the story and publish my own story online. I was not interested in making money out of this situation by publishing a book, making the information inaccessible to people I considered at risk of this crime, globally.

The decision to develop a project around my circumstance was triggered by a set of sculptures I encountered on my way to an job fair event I had been send to by my job coach. These sculptures were about raising the alarm and reporting terrorism. I thought about the irony of my circumstance. I was living alone, isolated from the world against my will by people who were using Political Neuro Linguistic Programming to indoctrinate me in terrorism to invade my country of Strategic Minerals. I had raised the alarm several times without success and it seemed like I was destined to be victim and a prisoner of these criminals until they succeed in their plans.

I did not want to prolonged the state of negativity I was been subjected to. This project is giving purpose and life despite the odds.



I will not entertain Treason in my country

Everything I call life and career is being controlled by US Military so they can operate in Zimbabwe using me and my identity. Since attacking me in 2013 they dictate what I can and can not do with my life so that that agenda to invade Zimbabwe is successful. They have several scripts they have created around my life to enable them to invade or infiltrate Zimbabwe. They went as far as trying to use children, if I have any in their agenda to infiltrate the Zimbabwe government by using children as puppets. None of what US Military has done to me represents a welfare of me or my country. US military have treated me like a slave and were trying to use me to invade and bomb a country of 15 million Zimbabweans. They attacked me and used HAARP electromagnetic frequencies and Political Neuro Linguistic Programming to groom me in terrorism and child abuse/murder sacrifice to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. US Military treated like a slave by isolating me, abusing , torturing , raping and indoctrinating in terrorism and cult beliefs in NWO/Globalisation, Eugenics and Transhumanism to force me into taking part in the invasion of my country so US Military could get strategic minerals for their military weapons, HAARP and Chemtrails.

I want US Military exposed for these crimes against me , my country and danger this pedophile and organised crime network pose to my future children