I am Angry: The axe forgets; the tree remembers.” Zimbabwean proverb, meaning that a person who harms another will often forget, but the person who is harmed will always remember #863 Days

It’s too late for US Military to cover up the crime that they perpetrated against me. I am very angry that they spent 5 years of my life trying to force me to live like a slave, they tortured and abuse whenever they felt like in their agenda to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals, they want for US Military weapons including HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons and Chemtrail ash. They want to invade Zimbabwe to take control of minerals resources and are willing to invade & bomb a country of 15 Million Zimbabweans

Why are my feet always cold #864 Days.

A lot of changes have happened to me since US Military attacked me in 2013 to groom me in Terrorism. I don’t know why my feet are always cold and I have to sleep with the heater on, even in summer. Would like to know more about this condition.

Low frequency headache #865 Days

I forgot what I was going to say because of the headache I am experiencing being caused by HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military. I lose my memory due to the invasive attack to my brain. It’s barbaric and cruel. When will it stop.

Jounaling my Art Therapy journey hoping justice will prevail because, I will not totally heal until US Military totally stop abusing me – Day 2 #868 Days

I have been given an appointment for counselling where hopefully I will be able to talk about the Trauma I have experienced with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military. I am using this journal to gather my thoughts and put myself together for the counseling. I want to be able to come across well, rather than be in a situation where I have been wrongly sectioned and needed the tribunal to get me out. They are disadvantages to seeking help from people. Getting misunderstood and labelled mentally ill because they can not be bothered to expand their minds that HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies actually exist. (If you can believe that a person can be tasered and electrocuted from a distance, why is it impossible to believe that people can be abused remotely with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies?)