Developing Protest Wear

Developing protest wear has become an ambition I want to fulfill as a way of exposing the crime, US Military is doing under HAARP/Chemtrail mind control developments.  Its a way of dealing with the trauma and abuse I have endured since 2013, when US Military attacked me and groomed me in terrorism, under HAARP/Chemtrail mind control developments. I have created an office space which I am hoping to work from as I develop my ideas.


Don and I


Don and I have been dating for a while….cant say much as its early days. We have talked about US Military Mind Control abuses. He is aware of such rogue operations and has been very supportive and helpful.

Focus for 2019 – Justice. I dont want to be surrounded by abuse; to get used to it. Abuse should not be tolerated instead it should be totally get rid of #703 Days

My focus for 2019 should be about justice and break the cycle of abuse that is going on with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies under Chemtrail/HAARP Mind Control Developments. I do not want to be surrounded by HAARP Electromagnetic abuse, so as to get used to it. It should not be tolerated.  Abuse should be totally rid of. I need justice for abuses under US Military HAARP Mind Control Abuses. I was attacked in 2013 and groomed in terrorism against my will. US Military were forcing me to go into Zimbabwe Wilderness to use my  photography as cover while passing weapons to militia to overthrow Zimbabwe government for strategic minerals

Ongoing sleep deprivation and HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency mind control abuse : 708 Days

I was sleep deprived all night by US Military who keep waking me up by choking me and I would wake up feeling distressed like I was dying. When I woke up, US Military began using my state of fatigue to force HAARP mind control on me against my will. They are invading my privacy, doing surveillance on me in order to force mind control on me against my will. I have recorded periscope videos on Twitter, exposing this crime and what happened to me last night


A complete 1000 days of Exposing US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Crimes & Demanding Justice – #733 Days left

733 days until a complete 1000 days of Exposing US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Crimes & Demanding Justice.

US Military have been working hard to silence me from the terrorism grooming they did to me under Chemtrails/HAARP Developments. US Military are doing illegal mind control Developments that include grooming people in terrorism for espionage purposes. I was groomed in terrorism because US Military wanted to use me to overthrow the Zimbabwe government for Strategic minerals. US Military isolated me in my flat, 64 Wallace house in 2013, and began radicalising me against Zimbabwe govt under Chemtrails/HAARP mind control Developments. US Military are using UK Chemtrails/HAARP Developments to target foreign nationals, I.e Africans for terrorism Developments against African countries. I had African nationals who had experienced similar Developments contacting me to tell of their experiences. I want this crime recognised and US Military brought to justice for international crimes with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies under Chemtrails/HAARP Developments