Protest Wear

Protest Wear Project

The idea of developing my own Protest wear has been around since 2015. In 2015 I decided that I wanted to tell my story, to raise awareness and expose the heinous crimes US Military are doing with HAARP Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation frequencies.

  • Protest wear project development is not for commercial gain. Morally and Ethically I do not want to make money from merchandise exposing crimes causing untold pain and suffering.
  • Protest wear is about dealing with the Trauma in a therapeutic and empowering way
  • I want closure, I want to eventually move away from subject when
    • My Perpetrators are imprisoned or on a death sentence
    • My Story has been used to raise awareness and
  • I want to build a future that is commercially viable for me, a combination of my photography and textile skills. I would like to use the Protest wear portfolio for University entry to learn more about developing skills I need to develop a commercial business

Interference – its been a frustrating few years when I have been denied my right to express my self, tell my story because US Military wanted to cover up my torture, abuse, isolation, starvation (and later force feeding me), terrorism grooming, psychological manipulation, forced to prostitute myself to get pregnant to a Muslim child to frame Islamic terrorism, treated with inhuman and degrading treatment.

I am being abused and assaulted by US Military for editing my blog, working on my coursework and they are forcing undue influence on my social media platforms because US Military wanted monopoly of my social media platforms so they could slave drive my identity for their benefit- like targeting Zimbabwe woman to my platform. They wanted to fish & radicalise them into Colourrevolution for regime change in Zimbabwe. All these crimes are politically motivated because US Military want to get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals worth Trillions of dollars. They are targeting Zimbabwes because they want to get into Zimbabwe and are using various methods including Terrorism and interfering in politics to overthrow Zimbabwe government that does allow them to plunder Zimbabwe natural resources