Locus of Control – I am suffering from Ongoing Traumatic Disorder due to continued brain hacking attempts by US Military to control my thoughts #904



US military continue to force brain hacking to control me externally with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies. I want my internal locus of control back. I dont want to have to fight US Military who are criminals for how I want to live my life.

Some scientist have proposed a new human right to protect people against brain hacking to recognised. New human rights to protect against ‘mind hacking’ and brain data theft proposed I would like the law to be applied retrospectively in cases like mine where these crimes are been done by US Military and Government in full knowledge that what they are doing is causing death, distress and they victims have not consented to brain hacking.

The hacking of the brain causes extreme Trauma and Pain. I have been diagnosed with daily occurring headache which is a result of US Military hacking me with HAARP electromagnetic Frequencies

I know who is behind my Abuse and I want Justice #992 Days

The US Military HAARP program in Sandwell has to tell me why they violated me.

Chemtrails/HAARP produce electromagnetic Field & Noise which can be redirected to mass populations and individuals though amplification and broadcasting satellites . I was targeted as an individual for more in depth experiments and mind control. They rigged my home with amplified HAARP Electromagnetic noises so and created an environment of 24/7 abuse in my home, overwhelm my home environment with noise to sensitise & harass me , as well as syncronising my emotions and mind to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency developments for mind control.

US Military isolated me in my flat to groom me to react to electromagnetic frequencies produced by Chemtrails/HAARP with Voice to Skull programming. I was subjected to years of isolation, torture & 24/7 daily abuse for years.  I was abused with warfare technologies which involve the use of  HAARP and miniature HAARP weapons.

The attack began in 2013, when  US Military began to control my movements and isolate me for mind control which involved grooming me in terrorism to overthrow the Zimbabwean government so US Military could invade and exploit Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals.

When I exposed US Military for mind control, they continued to create situations to isolate & program me to cover up the terrorism indoctrination.  US Military would let me go out but continue to follow me in moving vehicles with a electromagnetic field around me to isolate and control my mind for their own agendas. They are keeping me in an electric grid against my will to isolate my thoughts and stopping me forming free thoughts and acting on my free will.

They have rigged my home with noises to overwhelm my mind and stop me from functioning normally in my home, noises to sensitise & harass me , as well as syncronising my mind and emotions to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency developments. With constant noises from chemtrails or sonic devices and a HAARP Electromagnetic  grid, they have created an environment to abuse me  in my home 24/7.

The surveillance and stalking is being done by use of Drones, US Military Satellites, NSA Surveillance program.





Suicide Headaches #997 Days – HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control

Yesterday I learned a new word – Suicide Headaches via a Facebook post

This lead me to conclude they are two types of people; One who is targeted and aware of it and the other who is also targeted and are not aware of it. My HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attacks to force Trauma Based Mind Control have been accompanied by severe headaches that have made me suicidal. I have a live footage of me taking large amounts of painkillers. A lot of painkillers because I wanted to be left alone or Die. Left alone by US Military who would pursue Trauma based mind control while I was in such deliberating pain.

I went through Gangstalking. Gangstalking allowed US Military to manipulate my reactions to situations, such as, with these headaches, I should have sought medical attention, but I didn’t because, I was lead to associate them with abuse and punishment, part of the Trauma Based Mind Control.

The reason for gangstalking me from the very beginning was to create a situation where I was never be able to seek assistance from authorities both medical and policing so US Military could have unprecedented access to force Trauma Based Mind Control, MKULTRA with POLITICAL NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) with was of terroristic nature. (To find out why US Military were grooming me in terrorism. Please read this post. By the time I came to the attention of the authorities through my twitter, instead of helping me with the headaches, Sandwell Mental Health Team tried to section me as psychotic which a Magistrate siting at the Mental Health Tribunal discharged because I was not showing pyschotic symptoms. The medication I took while in hospital were only the pain killers, due to pain which was a result of the HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control Headaches.