MKULTRA #996 Days

I am a victim of US Military Trauma Based Mind Control with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. The frequencies are targeted at my head to cause excruciating pain.  See examples of this pain via my previous post here .

The pain causes a dissociative state where US Military proceeded to force Trauma Based Mind Control (MKULTRA). the dissociative state allowed US to groomed me in Terrorism. As well as the headaches, I was burned all over my body.  I was psychologically & physically abused and tortured.

The combination of HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies and MKULTRA bring to light how this crime has evolved from the last CIA declassified MKULTRA documents. While the crime is attempting to be covert in nature, so that the criminals do not get caught, I try to expose the mechanisms of how the crime was done to me because they are things like being forced to synchronize to HAARP cycles in second, minute and hour intervals that are clear evidence of connection to CHEMTRAIL/HAARP developments in Sandwell . These are people working directly with HAARP Developments in Sandwell.


CIA MKULTRA Declassified documents





Suicide Headaches #997 Days – HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control

Yesterday I learned a new word – Suicide Headaches via a Facebook post

This lead me to conclude they are two types of people; One who is targeted and aware of it and the other who is also targeted and are not aware of it. My HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attacks to force Trauma Based Mind Control have been accompanied by severe headaches that have made me suicidal. I have a live footage of me taking large amounts of painkillers. A lot of painkillers because I wanted to be left alone or Die. Left alone by US Military who would pursue Trauma based mind control while I was in such deliberating pain.

I went through Gangstalking. Gangstalking allowed US Military to manipulate my reactions to situations, such as, with these headaches, I should have sought medical attention, but I didn’t because, I was lead to associate them with abuse and punishment, part of the Trauma Based Mind Control.

The reason for gangstalking me from the very beginning was to create a situation where I was never be able to seek assistance from authorities both medical and policing so US Military could have unprecedented access to force Trauma Based Mind Control, MKULTRA with POLITICAL NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) with was of terroristic nature. (To find out why US Military were grooming me in terrorism. Please read this post. By the time I came to the attention of the authorities through my twitter, instead of helping me with the headaches, Sandwell Mental Health Team tried to section me as psychotic which a Magistrate siting at the Mental Health Tribunal discharged because I was not showing pyschotic symptoms. The medication I took while in hospital were only the pain killers, due to pain which was a result of the HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control Headaches.