Winnie Mangwende Photographer & aspiring Fashion Designer 








My Photography Career experienced an involuntary break which began with the disruption of my MA in Photography in 2013. The interference was deliberate and disruptive to both my life and career development.


Sept 2016 –  Current – : Fashion Design and Dressmaking with Regent Academy
Sept 2013 – Sept 2014 : MA in Photography at DeMontfort University
Sept 2011 – June 2013 : Photography and Video BA (HONS) at De Montfort University
Sept 2009 – June 2011 : HNC (High National Certificate in Photography) at Sandwell College


Art in empty spaces, 2010, West Bromwich, Sandwell. UK
Show me a Secret (Martin Parr Project), 2010, The Public. West Bromwich, Sandwell. UK
Show me a Secret (Martin Parr Project), 2011, The Light House , Wolverhampton. UK
Still life Exhibition, 2011 The Custard Factory, Birmingham. UK


Collaboration with University College Birmingham, Food photography [3rd prize]
In a book ‘Making Photographs’ by Mike Simmons pg. 80-81
Professional Memberships
The Royal Photography Society since 2011
Photography Portfolio

Also see :Wearable Protest


The selfie has been a theme in the development of my work focusing on identity.

I was looking at the September 2018 when I saw the tittle “Face Time”. It seem like something that would be an avenue for commercial development with my photographic and design skills.

It is also an inspiration for my “Iamnotaprototype” T. Shirt development were I use my image to express myself. I want to improve my photography processing skills and make my work more unique and desirable as a commercial product. But I am jumping ahead of my self. I am a victim of a crime that needs to be exposed and people need to be aware of the US Military abuse, heinous and evil crime with HAARP IONIZING Electromagnetic Frequencies.



Also see Wearable Protest

Identity theft is when someone steals your personal information or possessions so they can use your identity.
Identity fraud is when they use your identity for their own financial gain – usually at a great cost to you.

US Military are abusing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies trying to exploit my identity for their benefit. I was groomed in Terrorism by US Military who wanted me in Zimbabwe passing weapons to militia to overthrow Zimbabwe government and cause civil unrest because US wanted to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals for their own commercial and military benefit. I exposed this crime in 2015 to the Zimbabwe government as I was being forced to do an act of Treason against my government & country against my will.  US Military were forcing me to have a child with a Muslim man so they could frame me for links to Islamic Terrorism and discard me when they had succeeded  their invasion and looting of Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals using engineered terrorism to justify war on terror invasion of Zimbabwe.

US Military are trying to keep this technology secret so they can do similar crimes that involve using foreigners for espionage and treason

Also see Protest Wear


My MA in Photography I started looking at how identity is perceived both by the individual and people around them. With the shift in technology, as people were going online, peoples identities were no longer static but were very varied and insightful.


I did work on my identity and produce various identities under various settings and relative to the relationship these identities were relating towp-1515374305082137000812.jpg












Wearable Protest: Fashion’s Role in Activism Design Museum Monday, 20th Nov 2017

I attended the symposium where the panel argued that T.Shirt activism reach a new high with the US election in 2016. Maybe so but will never truly know, because Digital media has its own way of magnifying things. you might think you have access to the world but in reality we all live in our own bubbles defined by our backgrounds, experiences and interest

Also see Protest Wear

Objective : To design a T.shirt based on exposing US Military crimes with HAARP Ionizing Electromagnetic frequencies causing disabilities and killing people in their prime. The use of technology to enslave people, through torture and abuse. corrupting peoples thoughts by introducing dangers thoughts like grooming people in terrorism and encouraging them to do terrorist acts like blowing a bomb to kill innocent people

Stage 1 : September 2019

  1. Write an introduction and profile
  2. Research about T-shirts and their use in popular culture and activism
  3. Collect various examples to show research of subject and create a favourite collection to inspire my development
  4. Timetable : Hours required to complete this part

Stage 2 : October, November, December 2019

Budget : Software + Printing Material +Postage – £

  1. Subscribe to software Adobe or Coreldraw
  2. Make slogans using Text
  3. Choose or make selfies
  4. Create designs using Design Software
  5. Choose a T-shirt pattern
  6. Choose fabric
  7. Create pattern for printing to suit the size of the material required to cut out pattern
  8. Send to fabric printers for samples -approve?
  9. Send to fabric printers the required meters

Stage 3 : January, February , March 2020

Budget : Course Fees £

  1. Enroll in a sewing class
  2. Measure myself with help from tutor
  3. Cut out patterns
  4. Sew as required
  5. Finish Garments

Project Complete and Evaluate.

Write a conclusion

Also see : Protest Wear

I  decided I wanted to create a T.shirt as a form of protest for US Military abusing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. The reason the project has not developed has been due to US Military continuous attempts to divert me from exposing the crime that was perpetrated against me.

Peaceful protest becomes futile when any attempts to embark on  it is interfered with. I am not a gatekeeper. I actually do not condone or judge anyone on their actions where this crime is involved. I do not even make excuses for US Military because they is none. My goal is to get justice for the crime that was perpetrated against me. I am going to give a go at peace protest involving protest wear.

It began with an idea to develop a t shirt. The process could be a therapeutic way of me dealing with trauma.