My Weightloss & MakeOver Journey

I intend to make my Weightloss journey a lifestyle rather than a journey alone. Part of that journey is understanding possible pitfalls during hoilday times. Getting a general awareness of calories in holiday foods

Eating well is one of my goals. I am collecting a list of recipes to incorporate in my weight management plan. One of my favourite dish is pasta and meatballs

Recipe 1 : MeatBalls


500g Ground Beef

I cup Bread Crumbs

500ml Bolognese Sauce

1 Egg

I small onion finely chopped

1 clove chopped garlic

Salt and pepper to taste


Mix ground beef, bread crumbs, egg, garlic, onion and 1/2 Bolognese Sauce together.

Form mixture into meatballs.

Heat the rest of the sauce and gently add meat balls, making sure the sauce or meatballs are not burning. Cook for 30 minutes or until cooked.

Serve with pasta and veg.

My next goal is to work out portion sizes and the amount of calories per potion. It is definitely cheaper to eat at home than eat out. With the meatballs, I was trying to receprocate on of my favourite meals out at the Bella Italia. An average sit down dinner can cost you £20.00 to 25.00 per person.


Pasta and Meatballs at Bella Italia.

Hair cuts I love.

When I was at the Christmas Party for LODLUK I meet and fell with this lady’s haircut. I would like to put it in my list of favourite hairstyles.

Fascinating Fact at about African Hair Styles

During Slavery African American women used to do their hair in conrows, in a style which could be used as maps or coded messages.


Cornrows were used as maps for escaping slaves Image (c) unknown

Small Steps Every Day

Today I said …I will

  • eat healthier portions.
  • drink healthier drinks.
  • eat healthy snacks.
  • cook healthy meals.
  • do more walking.
  • eat more fruit and veg.

Walking – A pleasure or Pain ?

I have decided to close my gym membership starting January 2018 to allocate the funds somewhere else. Also I was not utilising my membership well due to various commitments like work. I will still maintain a pay as you go membership so I can utilise the swimming and suana facilities once in a while.

Walking can be a tedious or a pleasurable pursuit. I am currently not feeling very motivated to walk. I know they are benefits to me walking including

1. Improving my health and fitness

2. Losing weight will make me feel and look better.

3. Will allow me to achieve the goals connected to my projects and goals

4. Gain the confidence I am always yearning for. Which is an area of controversy it’s self. Do you need to lose weight to be happy?

Things that might motivate me

1 Listening to a podcast of my choice. I am currently listening to

2. Photography opportunity. Talking my camera for that photography opportunity.

3. Weather appropriate clothing and Comfortable Shoes

4. Achieveable goal. Planning a routine with an app like walkit.

Walk Chic


I do consultant various fashion consultants to get a feel of the fashion industry as well as to inform my Fashion and Design course.

I was pleasantly surprised when a consultant from Tuesday suggested these shoes as part of an outfit she had suggested for me. They looked vaguely familiar. Then I remembered an incident that had happened to me when I was in high school, where I encountered my first platform shoe. It was colloquially know as the 4 by 4 after the famous 4 by 4 car in fashion at the time. A 4 by 4 was the cream-dela-cream of cars, of the time, so was this school shoe. They was a strict dress code, a uniform at high school, but a 4 by 4 shoe changed the paradigm and the status of some students.

I wanted to be popular like the girl wearing them. I had just transferred schools, two years after everyone had bonded and made friends. To make things worse it was a boarding school, which meant I was stuck and could not go home after school. I was stuck with these people and I was desperate for approval, for them to like me or atleast admire me for my worderful and innet qualities. But approval never came. My high school was a disaster. I went through a difficult period trying to fit in.

When I did my photography I thought I had found myself been admired for my knowledge and interest in Photography. I was making new friends and connections then out of nowhere I was attacked by US Military who tried to exploit me for my identity and use me to invade my country. It was like a rug had been pulled from me and I was reduced to an incoherent and oppressed human being because of the crime happening to me which I keep fighting to regain my identity and skills as a Photographer and Artist.

So when Tuesday recommend the outfit with the shoe, I shared it with my family. They was a story which my mum in particular, knew too well involving the shoes, which goes like this : I had just transferred to a new school and I wanted to fit in. In the first term I had gone with very unappealing shoes that I felt everyone was laughing at me for, so when I saw this popular girl with this shoe, I made a point that I was going to have one. I was going to get a similar shoe – a 4 by 4. At the time , my family were going through a rough patch financilly. My Father had, few years earlier left a job with CMED, Zimbabwe to start a business and anew venture, which lead him to go to South Africa to look for opportunities. So we were living on my mother’s nursing salary and savings as a family. To convince my mum I wanted the shoe, I told my mum that I was the only one without these shoes and I was standing out like a sore thumb. I lied. I just wanted the shoe to fit in. I made such a fuss until my mother, after speaking to my father agreed. I think the shoes were a hefty 150 Zimbabwe dollars at the time. About 1/3 to 1/5 of the average school shoe at the time. My mother always remind me of how I drainage her savings and gave her a headache.

So I shared this photo on a watsapp group that my mum and my siblings share. I want to share the 4 by 4 memory as well as tell my mum that I was going to buy a similar shoe. I want to look chic when doing my 10 000 step challenge. My brother Ta, did laughed at me, puzzled, Are you serious, they don’t even look comfortable? I insisted they are. Sucked in by my persuasion, my brother Ta offered to buy them for me as a belated birthday present. I am so pleased. At £65, they are a bit pricey, not that I can not afford them, just nice to have someone take away the burden and treat me nice.

To the future 10 000 steps a day challenge. My step challenge is about incooperating walking in my daily life to encourage weight loss. Which is a goal to my project, which is a silhouettes photoshoot.


I am not a prototype

I was trying to take a self portrait with my camera when I produced a silhouette image of myself. I began imaging HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency crime being done by shadowy figures. Not only were these figures abusing me, they were trying to steal my identity using mind control. forcing me to perform various criminal activities under mind control. This became an idea I wanted to explore, shooting silhouette images of myself using the medium of photography.

I have weight loss goals that are linked to the success of this project, that are long overdue, as US Military HAARP continue to abuse me with electromagnetic frequencies sabotaging my plans and ideas as well as my weight loss journey.

My Current Hair Profile

Part of my goals is to create a hair cut that I can manage and maintain with ease.

Weight Management


I feel trapped in my body weight. In a sick way, its enabled US Military to emotionally exploit me due to my lack of confidence about the way I looked. Making feel worthless so I could be exploited longer with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies pursuing various destructive mind control agendas they have . For a long time since I was attacked in 2013, I was not allowed to express freewill, pursue my own interest, develop healthy social interactions, I was denied my right to exercise and eat well. I developed a weight problem. I weighed over 100kgs.

I have experience several false starts as US Military continue to interference and trying to take control of my exercise and diet process without my permission or consent.

I have expressed a desire to live a life free of US Military interference and involvement.

Meal Planning

Calories required to loss weight

Beakfast (Calories 300)

1. Porridge/Cereal, Natural Yogurt, Fruit and Coffee

2. Toast, Poached egg, Fruit, Yogurt and Coffee

3. Large Bowl Fruit, Yogurt and Tea



Lunch (Calories 400)

1. Sandwich

2. Soup with breadroll

3. Salad



Supper (Calories 400)











Snacks (Calories 100)
1. Low Fat Yogurt
2. Coconut pieces
3. Almond Nuts
4. Fruit pieces
5. Low fat cheese pieces with crackers and fruit
6. Boiled Egg

7. Microwave Popcorn

Healthy Drinks
1. Coconut Juice
2. Water
3. Tea
4. Fruit juice


1. Coffee

2. Non alcoholic beer

3. Cider


10 000 Steps a day
Swimming /Aquafit x 2 a week
Gym /Aerobics x 2 a week

Weekly Weigh in

Starting Weight 100kg

Week 1 (17/11/2017)

Week 2 (24/11/2017)

Week 3 (01/12/2017)

Week 4 (08/12/2017)

Week 5 (15/12/2017)

Week 6 (22/12/2017)

Week 7 (29/12/2017)

Week 8 (05/01/2018)

Week 9 (12/01/2018)

Week 10 (19/01/2018)

Week 11 (26/01/2018)

Week 12 (02/02/2018)