Winnies Capsule Wardrobe

Shopping can therapeutic especially when its done with a goal and a purpose to improve ones life. It doesn’t mean it has no downfalls. Shopping can lead people into debt, a habit can become a serious disorder where one just becomes a hoarder and not really enjoying their purchases. They can also be a situation of having access to a lot of fashion items or not having much. What influences our sense or style – these can be external and internal. Questions like are they environmentally friendly or are they ethically sourced ? All lead to questions about climate change to labour and modern slavery.

My journey into the fashion industry is set to be the most exciting in my older age. I am almost 40.  What does it mean to dress your age? Is it relevant. Does it vary from culture to culture.  While fashion is always evolving.

I was born in African and a majority of what I know as fashion is from a western perspective.

My culture was overtaken by the acculturation process that happened with the arrival of the early travellers from various continents selling material and clothing for a living in exchange for various items including rare minerals and people for slavery.  A grave loss to the continent.

I believe Africa was the kind of paradise people dream about now. Nice weather with an abundance of plants and animals for food. The hot climate would not have required clothing unlike for people  in colder climates. However that is not to say, people did not have a sense of style and took from nature materials to wear and adorne themselves. In the living isolated tribes we see that in action.

Unlike other parts of Africa that were easily accessible, Southern Africa was inaccessible due to insects that caused deadly illnesses like malaria to early travellers. The natives We had natural immunity that allowed then to survive and live on the land.  Inaccessibility meant trade came to southern Africa much later although I suspect the rate of acculturation would have be accelerated as various traders sought market

I think I am trying to use fashion to answer alot of questions that are psychological, emotional, cultural, historical etc…

Using my right to self determination to develop my own authentic voice which I am having trouble with due to US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse.