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My work is trying to investigate how to use Phototheraphy to deal with Trauma. Not all forms of Trauma are visible to the naked eye neither you can not heal Trauma by calling it a delusion or giving people electric shock therapy and medicating them to forget. Some therapies recommended by some Psychiatrist are controversial and should be put up for scrutiny. How in this age, can a mental health condition be made based on a conversation alone, without a mental health assessment involving blood tests and proper physical tests relating to brain diseases.

Having a mental health disgnosis is like winning in a post code lottery. Depending on your ability to explain your symptoms, you can be easily diagnosed with a mental health issue. In the case of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse, many victims find themselves being called delusional and mentally ill because of their inability to explain their symptoms in the preexisting medical conditions that have been established. Terms like

These diagnosis can have long term concequences for victims in various aspects of their lives. Their education, careers even personal lives. Inviting unwarranted people to maintain a strong scrutiny on your life, passing judgement on weather you are doing in wrong or right, in a way they would not do to a person without a mental health disgnosis.

They are always unknown side effects to these methods that are not worth the treatment. They do not completely cure the person, and not everyone wants to deal with more issues than they already have. That is why I am using my experience to enquire if using Phototherapy can help deal with Trauma.

Like all forms of Trauma, in order to heal, you have to remove yourself from the source of trauma. Trauma can either be one or all of the following, Psychological, Emotional and Physical

Art therapy is not a pioneering field as such. Artists and Psychiatry have used art to deal with various aspects of Trauma. I wanted my approach to Phototherapy to be transparent and accessible to people who are thinking of using Art to heal themselves in a more homonious but expressive way. Trauma is a psychologically illness that if it’s not dealt with the correct way, victims will exhibit symptoms that vary from avoidance to behaviours that are very destructive. We all want to heal and be healthy as human beings and not to suffer trauma indefinitely.

My journey to finding help has not been easy. It’s been lonely and very turbulent, yet I have preserved thanks to a few people who have guided me through moments of darkness and utter dispair.

I wanted my use of Phototherapy to be more transparent and

How to use photography to reconstruct images of trauma

I recently went to a Trauma conference and a talk on trauma by Anna strike a code with what I have been thinking about – How we deal with Trauma

Anna said – We either Re-enact Trauma or Avoid Trauma. Although for the most part she talked about the negative ways people will re-enact or avoid trauma, I was able to astatine that what I was trying to do was Reenact my Trauma in an empowering way. I could not forget the trauma, that means avoiding it was out of the question.

I had to reenact it in a way that was empowering and would raise awareness.

Attending the yearly Trauma Conference by Sandra Fentch helped me deal with some aspects of my Trauma. Identifying the terminology around aspects of my trauma helped me identify coping mechanisms like breaking my trauma into a process and then identify the aspect of that process that was leading me to feel traumatised over and over again.